Vehicle Acquisition and Delivery

Vehicle Acquisition and Delivery

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Vehicle Status Report

Velcor® provides a weekly status report to keep you up to date on the progress of each of your factory ordered vehicles. Each order is monitored from the time you place it until the time the vehicle is delivered to your driver.

Out of Stock Purchases

Oftentimes, you cannot wait for a vehicle to be ordered directly from the manufacturer and need it immediately. Velcor®'s Customer Service representatives will work with our network of fleet minded dealers to locate a vehicle for you. Whether you have a new hire, or a vehicle that was totaled out in an accident, Velcor® will help you find a fleet equipped vehicle within 48 hours.

Fleet Identification Number (FIN)

Chrysler, Ford and General Motors all require a FIN to qualify for fleet incentives, and eliminate the manufacturers advertising allowance on your vehicle. If you do not have a FIN, Velcor® can assist you in obtaining one. Contact one of our Customer Service representatives for assistance.

Vehicle Replacement Schedule

In an effort to reduce overall fleet costs, it is important to replace your vehicles at the optimum mileage level, and cycle your vehicles at the right time of the year. It's always best to cycle your vehicles in the fall whenever possible. This allows you to optimize vehicle depreciation and take advantage of the premier used vehicle premium pricing in the fall. The spring is the next best time to replace vehicles if necessary. Velcor® will work with you to establish a vehicle replacement schedule to help reduce your fleet costs.

Ship Through and Upfitting Services

Velcor® can assist you with any truck, van or pickup orders requiring special equipment installation via a ship-through program we have established with each manufacturer.

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