Universal Fuel Card

Universal Fuel Card

Universal Fuel Card

Velcor® has a partnership with Voyager Corporation, a subsidiary of U.S. Bank, to provide a universal fuel card to our drivers. This fuel card allows your drivers the convenience to pay at the pump, or inside the service station. The card also allows you to dissect every fuel purchase to gain more control of your fuel program and to reduce overall fuel costs. The card is accepted at over 165,000 service stations nationwide, and over 70 oil companies. No more carrying multiple oil company cards - drivers carry one card and have access to virtually any fueling choice or location.

Each vehicle is assigned a card, and each driver is assigned a personal identification number (PIN). This allows you to track fuel costs at many different levels and to monitor exceptions based on the parameters you have in place for vehicles and drivers. This card allows several drivers with separate PINs to be assigned to one card for pool vehicles.

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Monthly Reporting

For each fuel transaction you can see the name and address of the filling station, date and time of the transaction, vehicle odometer, number of gallons purchased, cost per gallon of fuel, fuel type, service type (self or full), and miles per gallon between fill-ups are tracked. Our Fleetworks gives you complete access to critical fuel data, which allows you to monitor your fuel costs and create cost savings reporting.

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